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Ooooo. Look how erudite, how intensely well-educated and serious about writing I look in this black & white picture. 

Pffft. I almost fell in the river in the background. I also have no idea what I'm doing; I'm just having fun doing it.

I’m 50% reader, 30% independent horror and fantasy author, 20% daydreamer. I should have published earlier (like 25 years ago) but didn't have the nerve. Now, I’ve decided to dedicate myself to self-publishing all of the stories (mostly novels) I can't or won't publish elsewhere. English degrees don't guarantee publication and instant fame and fortune.


It's a crime, really.

Most of what you're going to find here is about monsters and witches. If you like it, hit me up on Twitter. If you don't, hate mail me on Twitter. Emails are open, too. 

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