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Horror. YA.

Language, violence, gore, dust bunny death


Dust Bunnies From Hell

Krista is convinced her sister, Sadie, is possessed by a demon. It’s the only plausible explanation for how cold and distant she’s become since reaching high school. And it’s why Krista bought the strange book online: to destroy the demon and get her sister back.

But when their summoning ritual goes terribly right, Krista and Sadie realize too late that what they brought into the world hasn’t come to help.

Trapped in their apartment building with a horde of bloodthirsty monsters, the sisters need to fight to not only exorcise the demons slaughtering their friends and neighbors, but also the ones that drove the two of them apart. 


Offerings to the Flower Moon: The Tale of the Abrams Witch

University student Moira Clarke studies myths and legends, but as much as she loves old stories, she wants to capture a new story for her senior project. Recent folklore. A legend that’s still alive. She has a lead – the Abrams Witch, a supernatural entity blamed for a history of murders and disappearances in a rural Minnesota town – and she’s going to dig it up. Stories must be told.


Beneath the veneer of small-town kindness and spring celebrations are a series of horrifying and tragic tales of women whose only connections are Abrams and the sinister cult controlling the wicked power there. Trapped by this sinister force, Moira can only keep searching as her time runs short. What she uncovers is a dark history of murder and abuse, of sinister rituals and magical secrets that drag her into heart of Abrams’ truth: that there is a ghost in every story, a demon behind every shadow, and a vengeful witch who’s been waiting for Moira her entire life.

Horror. Adult.

Language, violence, gore, sexual themes

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